Saskatoon Electrical Retrofitting Services

How old is your Saskatoon home or business? It’s not a question home and business owners ask themselves regularly but it’s important that they do especially when you consider how much our dependence on electricity has grown over the years. With more devices to power than ever before, your Saskatoon home or business’s electrical infrastructure might not be equipped to handle all your energy demands.

If your home or business has been having trouble keeping up with modern energy demands, you might be due for an electrical retrofit. An electrical retrofit may involve installing a new electrical panel, a complete or partial re-wiring or another solution as determined by one of AEL Electric LTD’s skilled commercial and residential electricians to make your home or business better equipped to manage your energy demands.

Electrical retrofitting is a very complex and potentially hazardous process, which is why if you think you could benefit from more efficient technology, you need to contact AEL Electric LTD today. AEL Electric LTD has been proud to help Saskatoon homes and businesses get more efficient power. Our licensed and insured electricians have been conducting all kinds of retrofits for commercial and residential clients across the area. We guarantee quality work, reliable service and that you will be treated with the utmost respect by our team of certified professionals.

You don’t have to be resigned to paying high energy bills for as long as you own your Saskatoon property. You can give AEL Electric LTD a call and let our electrical retrofitting services save you money.

Signs Your Home or Business Needs Retrofitting

Not every home or business in the Saskatoon is a candidate for electrical retrofitting. So, if you are curious as to whether or not your building could benefit from our electrical retrofitting services, here are questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do your lights flicker regularly?
  • Are your breakers constantly tripping?
  • Do your fuses blow often?
  • Does your panel box make a crackling sound?
  • Are your electrical service conductors overheating?
  • Are your outlets non-grounded?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is highly likely that you are in need of our electrical retrofitting services. The next step is to call AEL Electric LTD and let us know where you are struggling with blown fuses, flickering lights or another symptom of an out of date system. We’ll arrange for a time to conduct an inspection to determine exactly what type of retrofitting will provide your residential or commercial with most energy saving benefits.

Thanks to our many years in the field, we have helped tons of home and business owners in the area cut down on their energy costs. We might also be able to save you money by making your property eligible for grants and tax breaks. There are plenty of benefits that await when you get our electrical retrofitting services, so give us a call today!

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