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There’s no question that there’s nothing worse than setting foot on an ice-cold floor first thing in the morning. If you have had too many days ruined by insufficient heat where you need it most, then you might be interested to know that, with AEL Electric LTD’s help, your floor could become the heat source for your whole home or business.

In-floor heating continues to rise in popularity for reasons that will be made abundantly clear below. If by the end of this page you are convinced that you need in-floor heating in your home or business, just give AEL Electric LTD a call and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

Energy Efficient

Underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than standard residential or commercial radiators and baseboards. Since the electric cords underneath your floorboards or tiles don’t need to get so hot, they use less energy to provide comfortable heat.

And since the heat source is spread throughout the floor, it is more evenly distributed and provides significantly higher levels of comfort. HVAC heating systems and radiators are prone to leaving homes and businesses with cold spots and drafts. These will become a distant memory when you get in touch with AEL Electric LTD and let our licensed and insured electricians install this energy efficient and effective way of heating your home or business.

Design Freedom

For all of our clients who fancy themselves amateur interior designers, how many times have your floor plans been up-ended by heat vents, ducts, radiators or baseboards in the way? It’s infuriating when you have to improvise and find a new place to put the new couch on the fly or go back to the drawing board altogether. The good news is that if you make the switch to in-floor heating, you won’t have to make compromises between how you want your home or business to look and whether or not it receives adequate heat.

There are no heat vents, no ducts, no pipes and no mechanical room when you opt for in-floor heating. It’s all contained neatly between the subfloor and the floor. So, if you want complete freedom when you are decorating or remodeling, the best way to achieve it is by getting in touch with AEL Electric LTD today.

Improved Health and Safety

Because radiant in-floor heating systems don’t rely on ductwork to distribute the heat they produce, you don’t have to worry about humidity and air circulation. Why would you be worried about humidity and air circulation? Because these contribute to the circulation of dust mites and other allergens diminishing your indoor air quality. If you suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues, this is a great option.

Plus, if you have young children at home or provide care to them as a part of your business, in-floor heating doesn’t rely on hard metal edges making it the child-friendly system.

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